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What Kind of People Live in Tiny Homes

The Tiny Home Movement and Community is growing every day. The idea of downsizing in an economy that is getting more and more expensive. Did you know that billionaire Elon Musk actually owns a tiny home.

photo credit Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0, via Wiki

We love this infographic below from The Tiny Life because it really shows the advantage of living in a tiny home.

Boomers and Millennials Will Drive New Tiny Home Sales

Because of the large numbers of Baby Boomers who are set to retire, and the Millennials’ debt, those two groups are projected to have the greatest impact on sales of new tiny homes for the foreseeable future. Baby Boomers are likely to consider tiny homes for several reasons:

  • Downsizing after retirement to a smaller space.

  • Wanting to reduce expenses (dumping that mortgage) to enjoy their retirement years with less (or no) debt.

  • With the ease of portability, boomers can travel to see grandkids or just go exploring with their tiny homes in tow.

  • They may even be buying tiny homes to use as mother-in-law suites on their children’s or grandchildren’s property.

  • For Millennials, tiny homes provide the opportunity to actually own a home in a real estate market where many are either priced out or can’t get approved for a mortgage due to their debt load.


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