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The Brew House

Are you looking for a place to brew but you are running out of room in your house, garage, or basement?  Do want to brew more beer or upgrade your existing system?  We have the perfect mobile brew shop called “The Brew Haus.”  Imagine having the ability to brew just about anywhere.  Outfit them with as many options as you’d like with full AC/DC/PROPANE needed for your brew day.  Want to bring the party outside?  Let’s talk about exterior illumination. 

We also can build these tiny Brew HAUS’s up to 40’ long and 12’ wide in case you are looking to showcase your products, inspire new brewers and even offer brew sessions in the middle of nowhere.  YES, in the middle of nowhere, we can build these portable cabins and be completely off-grid.  We can add a bathroom, shower, sleeping, media, awnings, decks, rollup doors, a stage, clean up areas, storage, cabinets, bar rails, taps water filtration and as much water storage as necessary.


Please email us direct at to talk about your new Brew Haus!!

Preorder Now! -  12' long and 8' Wide - Starting at $19,900

Electrical - LP - NG Connections

9000 BTU Mini Split

Signature Interior Finishes


Easy Setup & Connection

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