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About Cool Tiny Homes


michigan tiny home manufacturer

Cool Tiny Homes is a Michigan based Tiny home builder.  We thrive to use locally sourced materials, putting good hard working people to work while delivering continuous growth for our communities. 

michigan tiny home employees

Our goal is to create & build the perfect tiny home for you. We use up to 20% reclaimed material for each tiny home.


To help with the down-fall of construction trades we have an apprenticeship program on each tiny home to teach new recruits all areas of construction.  I am amazed of the effort and hard work our crew puts in on a day-to-day basis.

Our Cool Tiny Hunter Homes are designed for Michigan hunters and outdoor adventurers.  A quick and easy hook-up to your vehicle and you have tough and rugged shelter at anytime.  We are building tiny homes for a peace of mind to an abundance of amenities. Learn more about ADUs.

Oakland Township man builds his business, one tiny home at a time
By NICK MORDOWANEC | | The Oakland Press
October 20, 2021 

Countryside Road
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