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Living Off the Grid in a Cool Tiny Home

Living in a Cool Tiny Home and off-the-grid living is a good way to reduce your ecological footprint and save money. With more money in your pocket and less time spent on maintaining a house and working to afford rent or a mortgage, you have more time to pursue the things that make you happy. Some examples: working on creative projects, starting a business, spending time with friends and family, or on other hobbies that bring a lot of satisfaction to one’s life.

Things to know about Living Off the Grid

Location is key to start living off-grid and enjoying your life just make sure you can get back forth during bad weather.

Tiny home that has key comforts, storage and correctly insulated

Solar is the easiest way to power your home off-grid and with many cost effective options with batteries that can last you days without charging and wind turbines can continues to charge without relying on the sun.

Water collection tanks supplied in the home will be a convenient way to store water and so will rain harvesting systems

Composting toilet is essential for off-grid living and will eliminate black water waste and the compost remaining can help you grow plants & food

Appliances that don't have a lot of power consumption are will keep power to your batteries (gas cook top, solar fridge, etc.)

Small wood stove in the home will offset power when using a mini-split for those cold evenings.


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